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Wood Grain Flooring Sheet

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Brief introduction

Evergreen composite structure coating sheet (CSCS) is good for both outdoor and indoor applications with excellent weather-resistant performance. It can be fixed to surface of almost any objects, and compared with other building materials it would greatly reduce the total building cost. Furthermore, advantages of uninflammable, water-proof, UV-resistant, no delamination, no color fading, no cracking, easy installation, flexible, non-toxic and harmless, make it definitely a shinning star in building material industry. Considering these advantages, it is an ideal substitute for wood and other building materials. What is more. It’s a new creation and cannot be found anywhere else in the world, which makes it even more precious. 

CSCS Wood Grain Flooring Sheet is good for flooring. The texture is vivid and durable. It’s ideal replacement of wood.


1. Durable 

2. Unique

3. Bendable 

4. Non-toxic

5. Water-proof

6. Cost effective 

7. Sunlight-proof 

8. Uninflammable

9. Easy Installation 


1. Surface of various objects made of metals, wood, cement, plastic, brick and some other materials. For example, being used for covering desk, wall, plastic pipe, steel pole, cement pillar, acrylic rain cover.

2. indoor and outdoor, such as house decoration, office covering, exterior wall siding, outdoor pavilion coating. 

3. For multi-purpose like flooring, wall cladding, ceiling, decoration, cornice, building coating, etc.


thickness mm

length mm

width mm




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